Yvng Swag

YVNG SWAG is a Young Millennial Hip Hop Artist, Celebrity
Dancer & Entertainer born and raised in Maryland on The Rise
Towards Success. With more than 1 Million followers on
Instagram, he is one of the best well known entertainers in the
Maryland/DC areas who has taken the social media world by

At 19 yrs old considered to be one of top hip hop
dancers/entertainers in Maryland, Yvng Swag first received
social media attention with his dancing videos on Vine and
soon became a viral superstar when a video of him dancing to
a remixed version of the song "Big Green Tractor" by Jason
Aldean gained over 20 million views.

After continuing to grow a huge fanbase with his mix of dancing
and music videos on Instagram, Worldstar HipHop, MTV.com
and Vine. Yvng Swag then began a music career in 2016 with
his debut single "Fall in Luv" which caught the attention and
likes of Nick Cannon's N'Credible Entertainment

Swag then later followed it up with his second single "Hit My
Phone" in 2017 and released his debut EP "32 Teeth" on
November 16 in the same year In 2018, he joined the Season
11 and 12 cast of Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out on MTV.

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